Our Fondations


This house saw the birth of the Congregation of the Spiritans, at Farschviller, France. In 1998, one group of young Spiritans made a “pilgrimage to the founts”.


Le premier groupe de jeunes filles fait profession religieuse missionnaire dans la Congrégation, le 5 octobre.


En Suisse, un sanatorium situé dans le Valais, à Montana sur Sierre, accueille quelques Spiritaines.


On 3rd November, eight Spiritans responded to Cameroon’s urgent appeal.


On 11th November four Spiritans landed at Fort-de-France. The Seminary-College, held by the Spiritan Fathers, would be their first field of Apostolate.


At the request of the Bishop of Majunga, the Spiritans landed in Madagascar, on May 21st.


Foundation in Central Africa, in Saint Paul des Rapides. Here, weaving raffia.


“Training women for the establishment of Christian family”, is the vocation of the Spiritans in Mayumba, Gabon.


The first settlement of the Spiritans in Congo is in Loango, waiting for Pointe-Noire.


At the sugar cane factory in Beauport, in Guadeloupe, the Sisters are engaged in social work.


In April, arrival of the Spiritans in Lisbon, Portugal.


 Urged by the Gospel’’, two Spiritans set out for Antwerp, Belgium.


The Spiritans arrive in Praia, Cape Verde. They are committed to women’s training.


In Keldonk-Erp, the Netherlands, a new and happy foundation!


In Rome, a Spiritan community served Spiritan Missionaries.


Foundation in Angola. Later, young Angolan women engage in Spiritan life.


Spiritans leave for Canada.


Widening of the field of action of the Spiritans: foundation in Dakar, Senegal.


First foundation in Anglophone country, in Nigeria. Close to the population that welcomes us in trust and friendship.


Foundation in Brazil. Parish Pastoral in Miguel-Couto, Rio de Janeiro. Sister Adeline baptizes a young child.


In Haiti, foundation in Balan. On the way to visit the sick.


A team of Spiritans is established in Madrid, Spain.


Foundation in Stuttgart, Germany.


Foundation in Guinea Bissau. The Sisters welcome the visit of the Superior General, Sister Andrée Boutin.


Foundation in Ghana.


On the feast of Pentecost, Sisters Maria Alice and Maria do Carmo arrive at the mission of Itoculo, in northern Mozambique, where were already the Spiritans, Fathers Pedro and Damasceno.


In August, the Spiritans left for the first foundation in Asia: Sisters Monica Méléard, Joséphine Nganji and Agnès Simon-Perret arrived in the Philippines to establish the first Spiritan community.

1921 – 1st postulate of Spiritaines à Farschviller.

Our history begins on January 6th 1921, feast of the Epiphany, with Eugénie Caps and her two colleagues, Elise and Lucie, gathered in the church of Farschviller, in Lorraine, France. The seed is thrown! The first 25 Spiritan Sisters commit themselves on October 5th 1924. The following month one group leaves for Martinique, another for Cameroon and a third one for Switzerland.

Over time the foundations follow… 1927, 1929, 1931, 1937, 1940, 1941, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1949, 1951, 1953, 1957, 1975, 1976, 1978, 1982, 1985, 1991, 2001, 2005, 2012… and missionary stories are woven by sisters, women of their time, belonging to societies in constant changes.

Over the years, the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit extended their mission of Evangelization to new countries:


Over the years, the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit extended their mission of Evangelization to new countries:

  • The foundations of the Spiritans in Central African Republic
  • The Spiritans settle in Guinea Bissau
  • The Spiritans in Haïti
  • The Spiritans in Congo
  • The Spiritans’ foundation in Cameroon
  • Senegal : Bedik Foundation
  • Spiritan Foundation of Canada
  • The Spiritan Foundation in Martinique