Spiritan prayers

Spirit of the Living God

Spirit of strength, making us witnesses to the risen Christ,
Spirit of love, bringing about the gathering of all men,
Spirit of « vigour and apostolic boldness to undertake anything whatsoever » (SR 40),
Spirit of total and definitive fidelity to the mission received,
Spirit of universal brotherhood, open to the diversity of the nations,
Spirit of gratuitousness, only desiring the good of mankind and the glory of God.
Spirit of the living God, who fills us with joy,
sign of the Kingdom we proclaim.

                                                                        Extract from the Constitutions of the Spiritans

Holy Spirit

Spirit of the living and eternal God enlighten us.
Come with your Holy lights into our souls.
We implore you from the depth of our hearts,
give us the lights
to do the most Holy will of God.
Holy Spirit, fill us with your spirit of love,
charity, humility, abandonment and patience.
Give us the strength, light, wisdom and fear of God.
In you, Holy Spirit I put all my trust.
Holy Spirit, who regulates all the movements of my life,
make me not to put any resistance
to your inspirations.
Make us to always follow your inspirations. Amen!

Sister Eugénie Caps

Light feather

O most holy and adorable Spirit of my Jesus,
let me hear your gentle voice.
Refresh me with your precious inspiration.
O divine Spirit,
I want to be before you
like a light feather,
so that your breath may carry me
where it will and that
I may not offer
the least resistance to it.   

                        Father Libermann