Missionary Religious

We are religious solely missionary also called the Spiritan Sisters.

Consecrated for the Mission ad-extra

We are women consecrated to God.

Our desire is to respond to Jesus’ call.

‘’Go all over the world. Proclaim the Gospel to every creature’’. Mark 16, 15

The mission ad-extra signifies that we are sent on a mission of Evangelization towards other Peoples.

To live close to them, we leave our country of origin.


Called to serve ‘‘elsewhere’’

‘‘Elsewhere’’, means going far away, to other Peoples and populations giving priority to places of first evangelization.

The First Evangelization, for us, is to share the Good News of the Gospel, where Christ is little or not yet proclaimed.

The scope of our apostolic action depends on the authenticity of our fraternal life.

We live in international communities and the whole community evangelizes.

We are especially consecrated to the Holy Spirit, who is Himself our missionary Spirit. We live this consecration under the protection of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


The intuition of our Foundress, Sister Eugénie Caps

It all began in 1915. Eugénie, a young Lorraine lady, receives a strong intuition.

On April 25th 1915, after Holy Communion, during her thanksgiving prayer, Eugénie hears God’s call to found a new work of Sisters who were to be only missionaries.

At the time, it was above all about the evangelization of the ‘‘Blacks’’ in Africa. This mission will later extend to other continents, in America, Europe and Asia.


The mission of the Spiritan Sisters today?

Today, we continue this work of evangelization initiated by Eugénie Caps.

We are sent in the 4 continents, to witness to the love of Christ

And to promote the liberation of the poor by themselves.

‘‘Our vocation requires that we practice a deep interior life not so that we keep for ourselves what we have meditated and that we spend our day silently, behind gate and lock. Not that. But we will come out in the tumult of men and women and will speak of what the Lord has taught us”. Sister Eugénie Caps