Our Friends

Opération AMOS

Catholic Association for International Voluntary Service, lasting 2 to 4 months, for young adults 20-30 years.


The Spiritans

The Spiritans are a religious missionary Congregation present in sixty countries, Founded in France, from 5 continents, for the proclamation of the Gospel.


Young Spiritans

Young Spiritans for the mission. Witnesses of Christ to the ends of the world.


The Fraternités Spiritaines

The fraternités spiritaines welcome all those who want to live the mission according to the   spiritan spirituality.


Irmãs Espiritanas

Our Missionary Sisters of the Holy Spirit, in Portugal.


Jovens sem Fronteiras

Movement of young Catholics born in the midst of the Spiritan family in Portugal in 1983.



The Corref, Conference of Religious Men and Women of France, which aims to highlight what  makes the essence of religious life, in a unity that does not alter diversity.



Within the Bishops’ Conference of France, the National Service for the Evangelization of Youth and for Vocations has the mission of serving the evangelization of young people and the presence of the Church in the world of youth (11-30 years), to develop a vocational culture and to promote specific vocations (priestly ministry and consecrated life).


Le Secours Catholique

The Secours Catholique-Caritas France is a non-profit association law 1901, recognized of public utility since 1962. Service of the Catholic Church, it bases its action on the Gospel and the social doctrine of the Church. In France, Secours Catholique covers the whole territory, thanks to its 3700 local teams divided into 75 local offices called ‘‘delegation’’.


La Mie de pain

In December 1891, young patronage members sought to help disadvantaged people. When a woman gives bread crumbs to the birds, one of them suggests that by “finding lots of bread crumbs, but big ones, one could feed peoples!’’ Thus it retained the appellation ‘La Mie de Pain’…Since then, the Association has worked to meet the needs of people at risk due to precariousness, marginalization or exclusion.


Aux Captifs la Libération, Valgiros

Located in the heart of Paris since 2010, Valgiros is an accommodation center for street people that can accommodate 21 homeless people and 11 volunteers, socially integrated who have a professional activity during the day and wish to give the rest of their time to other residents.


Les Champs de Booz

This association was created in 2003 to help single women, asylum seekers, in the process of regularization and integration.



ACAT is an ecumenical NGO that fights all over the world against cruel punishment or treatment, torture, judicial or extrajudicial executions, disappearances, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.



“What do we need most in the world? It’s not to be normal, but to be loved and that someone believes in us.” Jean Vanier. In the Communities of l’Arche live and work together women and men with mental disabilities and those who choose to come and share their daily life, employees or volunteers in civic service.


Foi et Lumière

These are meeting communities, made up of people with mental disabilities, their families and friends, especially young people, who meet regularly in a Christian spirit, to share their friendship, pray together, celebrate life and events of life.